Sunday, March 14, 2010

A precious meeting with goat.

You know,this is a goat.She was in the mobile tiny zoo that came up near the terminal station the other day. Not a cow,right? And I would say,this pic could remind you of a person who is called " a guy like a wolf diguising himself as a goat". As for me, they say," a guy like a goat disguising himself as a sheep".

I am afraid this is a test posting. Now I'm considering on the best way to make this blog fabulous and amazing. But I don't have any good idea.

You might say,"Hey,you idiot,wrap up the fucking blog right away! This is too much waste of time. Damn it! What the hell are you doing about all these the goddamn test postings so far?  It's a dog shit, man. Don't be silly,you motherfucker!"

I am afraid seemingly it will be a while before the testing is completed, and I would advise you, not to such inappropriate words,in this public syber space of the Internet. Thank you.

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